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Pureal Singapore

Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Cartridge

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Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Filter Set (1 Year Capacity) APPLICATIONS:- • COFFEE MAKER • ICE MAKER • BEVERAGES • DRINKING WATER • HOT WATER DISPENSER •

  • F&B, HOTEL BUSINESS FEATURES:- • High water flow for commercial use • Easy and quick filter replacement with the PnP (Plug & Play) method •
  • Excellent purification that eliminates 99.9% microorganisms, cysts, viruses, and heavy metals • No electricity required and no noise
  •  Halal certified by KMF and KC Mark certified
  • • Safety guaranteed (Regulations of the NSF test satisfied)
  • • Great for various uses with 15,000 gallons capacity
  • • Pure & Good Taste of Water


  • Water Flow Rate : 5.7 LPM (1.5 GPM) • Rated Capacity : 15,000 Gallons (56775 L)
  • Operating Pressure : 0.7~4.0 kgf/cm2
  •  Working Temperature: 4~38 C (40~100 F)
  • Inlet & Outlet Connection Size: 3/8" FILTER COMPOSITION:- Sediment + Electro Positive Membrane + Carbon Block + Scale Inhibitor 1 FILTER


  1. SEDIMENT Reduces sand, silt, rust, and particles from the water.
  2. HYBRID MEMBRANE Hybrid Membrane with electropositive attraction removes cysts, bacteria, and viruses.
  3. CARBON BLOCK Removes chlorine, taste, odors, organic compound and heavy metals. STAGE
  4. SCALE INHIBITOR Protects equipment from scale formation.
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Why "Pureal" filtered water?

Pure & Real Life

“PUREAL” is a compound word of pure containing purity and pureness of nature

and real containing the true and sincere heart

It is a brand specialising in living environment home appliances of PICOGRAM, a professional global filter company

that has continued to grow with innovative technology and creativity since its foundation in 2000.

Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Cartridge
Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Cartridge